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BauerFinancial Inc.s (BFI) 5-Star Rating

Monument Bank Proudly Announces its 5-Star Rating

Monument Bank is proud to display BauerFinancial Inc.’s (BFI) 5-Star Rating emblem as proof of our sound performance based upon BauerFinancial’s criteria. For a bank to bear the 5-Star (Superior) emblem, it must have received an Excellent or Superior rating for 11 consecutive quarters.  BFI uses the information compiled by federal regulators when banks submit their “Call Reports” on a quarterly basis. They then use a complex formula factoring in current and historical data.  Just a few of the areas rated are: capital level, asset quality, profitability, loan delinquencies, reserves and regulatory compliance.

We are pleased to know our performance is highly regarded at the same time that we strive to provide the best products, services and customer service possible to our clients.

*Although the sources for BFI’s ratings come from federal regulators who are consistently reliable, BFI does not guarantee their accuracy and completeness.  Source: BauerFinancial Inc. For more information, go to

Bauer Financial

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BauerFinancial Inc.’s (BFI) 5-Star Rating

Monumental Non-Profit Interest Checking

Monumental Non-Profit Interest Checking